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Medical tourism is a wide term. We combine medical necessity and travel desires to simplify your journey to Turkey

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my name is Zeynep Kurap Yenice (short ZEE) founder of Aires Health Services and Travel Xclusive. I function as an internationally active, external consultant for travel-healthcare communication and offer high-profile global healthcare consultancy services promoting government authorities, healthcare organizations and medical tourism facilitators.

zeynep hale yenice - zee
medical tourism turkey

The best 6 proven steps for a successful treatment in Turkey

Contact us and get free medical opinion along with cost estimate from international certified hospitals.

Every step of your journey will be planned and scheduled upfront for a smooth and stress-free medical treatment experience.

Select the best suited option and combine your medical treatment trip with a wonderful travel experience for a unique joruney.

Recover and make use of our post treatment wellness packages to take care of your body and your soul.

Don't worry about your flight, accommodation or ground transport. Our team will handle all of it on your behalf.

Return home happy, healthy and relaxed knowing a reliable and trustworthy partner in Turkey is at place for any relevant matter.


Cosmetic &

Plastic Surgery

Infertility and IVF Treatment



Cardiology &

Heart Treatment

Ophthalmology Treatment

Orthopedic Treatment

Neurology &

Neuro-Spinal Surgery



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We handle it all

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Aries Health Services.

Be careful whom you

Stop using alleged medical tourism service providers or consultancies without the Ministry of Health certificate!

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