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About our company

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Our Aim 

the highest level of patient safety and exceptional service quality at affordable rates.

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Our Mission

to assist and consult you through the entire  medical journey in Turkey from the beginning.

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Our Vision

to widen healthcare borders and create peace of mind for the patient and

medical facilities.

About Zee


I'm Zee, founder of Aries Health Services and TravelXclusive. I dedicated 30+ years of my life with the mission whisking my clients to renown, exotic locations while providing the most memorable moments of their lifetime. 

"Caring and handling the medical needs of the travellers' was a daily business and top priority in the luxury travel industry, even before the term Medical Tourism was shout-out into the world."

Today, I'm also committee member of the association of Turkish travel agencies.

With in-depth knowledge and insight about heritage destinations including Turkey, India, Greece, South Africa, Morocco, Thailand, Bhutan and Siri Lanka I decided to combine both experiences to consult and act as an intermediary party for people looking and providing for medical tourism treatments. 


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Medical Treatment in Turkey – Medical Tourism Service

Contributing to a world where every single patient in need has access to the medical care they deserve is our fundamental belief.

We strive to provide a cost effective and smooth medical tourism experience. Our aim is also to serve people in  both medically and financially  distress to have successful medical outcomes.

A smooth trip, a safe medical treatment and the right aftercare will effectively boost your psychological health as well.

That’s why we believe in speedy and crystal-clear communication. to ensure the quality of our service Aries Health Services works with certified medical providers and has an extensive network with travel and logistic partners.

Let us support you with your needs.

Our Goal
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